Life at Camp

Kayne's Story

Kayne Holden came to the first week of the 2013 programme. Chris Cahill remembers meeting with Kayne and his mum at his home address in Bingley a month before camp to collect his application form.

Chris recalls a long conversation with mum Cherie, reassuring a very anxious mother to let her 9 year old son attend an event of this scale on his own. It was a massive step for a usually nervous Kayne.

'He will be just fine, he will learn so much'

Fine he certainly was. Following the real life skills programme at the Police Summer Camp including a First Aid session, Kayne went on to save his mother's life as she began to choke on a family meal she had prepared one night after Kayne had returned from camp.

Kayne preformed the Heimlich Manoeuvre, and became an instant hero. Kayne is a great example of why it's important for young people to be taught lifesaving skills.

Kayne is currently a finalist for a St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Award event held in London.

Young People's Police Camps Experience

Young people are the most valuable part of the Police Camp, every detail is designed with them in mind. So we can continually improve our camp we ask the YP to keep a diary of the activities they have enjoyed most whilst on the programme. The following show two examples out of 500 diaries collected.

Diary 1 written by Habib Shafiq, Aged 10


Today was my first day of the summer Police Camp. As soon as I got registered I got put into my group, air ambulance and I met my instructor Jamie. Jamie is funny and entertaining. As soon as we met everyone it was time for assembly. PCSO Chris talked about all the prizes we could get including a BMX.

Straight after we met PCSO Chris, our team leaders did a cracker challenge where they had to eat 6 dry crackers.

After assembly, we started our first activity Judo where we learnt how to do take downs and self defence. After that we cracked onto American Football where we learnt how to throw a pass and catch. After this we did a recycling project where we made a sign to make sure people recycle our team name was called bin bags and we made a tower for people to never litter and always recycle. After we did Danish long ball where one person rolls the ball and the other one has to kick the ball. We all had three goes and then we finished and moved on to cricket.


Today was my second day of the summer Police Camp. We again started with an assembly. Today's team leader challenge was to eat 4 slimy uncooked hotdogs. Then we moved onto bullying where we learnt about cyber bullying and how easy it is to tease people.

After this rugby where you had to learn how to pass and catch the ball, we also played a game in rugby called hot potato. We also did First Aid where we did CPR and learnt what to do if somebody was unconscious or gasping for air. Another activity that we did was ASB (aka) Antisocial Behaviour, where I was a Policeman trying to stop people from making noises and disturbing people.

We did Basketball were we had to learn how to shoot hoops, and boxing where we learnt how to throw punches. Our last activity was hockey where we learnt how to dribble with sticks.


Today was my 3rd day of the Police Summer Camp. Today's leader challenge was to eat 12 marsh mellows and drink a pint of milk. Unfortunately our team was knocked out of the competition. We then met a Police dog, he was a German Shepard. After this we met a firearms Police man and saw all of his guns and everything.

After that I did archery, where I was the closest to the bull's eye. After archery I did laser quest where I had to shoot other peoples guns to make them loose lives and help me get more team points.

After lunch we did football where my group cam joint first. Then I moved onto dodge ball where my team won. Then after all the fun games it was time to go home.


Today was my 4th day of the Police Summer Camp. Today I went swimming were they had a giant inflatable assault course. If I had to give the pool a rating, I would give 10 out of 10. Then we went to Culture Fusion where I went to the gym for a good 2 and half hours, and then I went to the chill out zone and played on the computers.

Diary 2 written by Rowan Hirst, Aged 11 & a half


Dear Diary,

To be honest, I thought the Police Camp was going to be terrible - how much more wrong could I have been!?!?!?

In every single activity I did there was no part where I felt ignored or of a disadvantage, I felt very encouraged. One thing I've noticed about my team is none of us have shared any nasty comments or negative views. Never again have I been in a team with such sportsmanship! So good so far!


Dear Diary,

Wow! Today was brilliant! All activities were jam packed with interactive tasks. A lot included teamwork which actually worked pretty well. The Highlight of my day was boxing. I threw all my energy at each punching bag- by the end my head was shaking from the impact I gave to the Bags!

Another exciting moment was receiving the limited edition Police Summer Camp badge, only 8 people in the group get these (2 per day), so I felt Privileged! Awesome day!


Dear Diary,

I can safely say today was the best day so far. First of all, I won some highlighters and some Hollywood bowl tickets for my efforts in the Anti-social Behaviour Poster. Secondly, I enjoyed every single activity. If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be dodge ball, since we did about three different games in one. Awesome!

Can't wait until tomorrow, hopefully we will have more team points in the future.


Dear Diary,

Today was epic; we went swimming which was AWESOME! After, we went to culture fusion and - I got a freaking girlfriend!!!!!! Tomorrows sports day. Hopefully we'll be in the lead with points.

Thank you for everything. I've had a great time. I hope to come again next Year.